Women's Fitness Hamilton


Womens fitness at Phoenix Fitness Hamilton, Ontario Canada

YOU 30 Minute Women's Fitness Hamilton recognizes that in a time-deprived society most people and especially women have very little time to devote to their health and fitness.( take advantage of our Women's boot camp hamilton) In our woman's fitness area, you are able to have a full body work-out, guaranteed for fat loss, in just thirty minutes!


Time spent with YOU not only provides women with the exercise necessary to achieve and maintain a healthy weight but the increased energy and stress-relief to make the tasks of work and/or raising a family more enjoyable. Our members tell us they feel so much better after their time with You! Call now 905-577-0626 or Email


The personalized attention given by the enthusiastic and professional staff will help you to get started. The compressed air equipment adjusts easily to prevent injury as well as for comfort and resistance levels to guarantee your program remains challenging even as you improve.


A variety of exercise options including cardio machines, free weights, balls, and one-on-one coaching means programs will never become mundane! Phoenix Women's Fitness members also have the privilege of attending yoga, pilates, spinning, aerobics and a wide range of traditional plate-loaded equipment.


You can't out train bad nutrition so we have Individualized nutrition plans available to ensure your success.


Women can now achieve their fitness goals in a non-intimidating environment that caters to their specific needs!