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Indoor Bikes

1500 FLYER

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2500 FLYER

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Key Features

Deluxe Soft Cushioned Seat

You don't want to feel uncomfortable during your workout, and we know that too. Which is why our bikes have a deluxe soft-cushioned seat, so you never have to substitute your comfort for a good ride.

Silent Belt Drive

Many people avoid spin bikes as an indoor exercise because they're just plain noisy. Thankfully, our bikes give quiet, smooth rides due to being driven by a high quality belt instead of a chain. 

Fully Adjustable Ride

To get the most out of a spinning workout the bike needs to fit your body well. Flyer's have a fully adjustable seat, including height, length, and angle, as well as handlebars that adjust to height. 

330lb (150kg) Max Weight

A sturdy bike is so important for a comfortable and safe ride. That is why our bikes are capable and strong enough to hold up to 330lb or 150kg.

13lb (6kg) Flywheel

Flywheels are crucial to a good ride, and we have a smooth, tough wheel just for that. Not only does it help with the simulating a real ride, it is 13lb (6 kg), whereas most are only 8lb (3.6kg) . 

Multi-functional Monitor

Get the most out of your ride with real data. Our bikes include a multi-functional monitor that features a spin bike scan, time, distance, calorie, and speed tracker, plus an odometer!

Aluminum Pedals with Toe Cage

Keeping good footing on a bike is essential for burning calories and staying safe. Our dual-sided, hybrid aluminum pedals with adjustable toe cages provide a sturdy ride every time you want to sweat!

Adjustable Friction/Tension

Turn the knob to apply friction to the flywheel, but be gentle because a slight twist makes pedaling much tougher. So get those leg muscles pumping! Also pushing down on the knob acts as a emergency brake.  

1 Year Warranty

Our bikes are built well and to prove that we offer a 1-year warranty on the bike frame and 6-months on all parts. 

2500 FLYER Only

Leveling Legs

If the floor where you plan to place your spin bike is unlevel, such as unfinished floors in a garage or basement, you should opt for the 2500 Flyer, which has a leveling feature.

Flywheel Safety Cover

If your have small children or pets roaming your home, your should opt for the 2500 Flyer which, has a safety cover on the flywheel. Protect those curious little fingers, paws and noses.

Wide-based Footing

If you plan to place your spin bike on carpet, you should opt for 2500 Flyer with its wider base. Or if you just want a bit more added stability.