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Our Story



The mission of Phoenix Fitness is to provide high quality, affordable fitness equipment for consumers looking to improve their mental and physical well-being. Phoenix Fitness strives to foster a trustworthy and educational buying experience to help its customers achieve their fitness goals.



Phoenix Fitness was established by Leif and Lynette Fossheim. As consumers and wellbeing enthusiast themselves, they decided to use their international business expertise to develop a fitness company tailored to the everyday health-conscious individual.

When 2020 changed the world, the organization decided to focus their efforts on helping people stay fit and healthy at home. Today, Phoenix Fitness is a boutique manufacturer of high-quality, affordable stationary bicycles and accessories. Staying healthy mentally and physically from home is not always affordable, that’s why we work closely with our manufacturers to produce the highest quality equipment at budget friendly costs.

We believe there are two schools of thought, our environmental circumstance can control our mind and body, or we can empower our mind and body given the circumstances. Our goal is to help you foster a healthy lifestyle, no matter the circumstance.