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Reasons to Ride Your Bike Right Now!

1. Cycling Can Improve Your Mental Health!

Did you know that several studies state that physical exercise is highly beneficial for your mental health? 

Aerobic exercises, including jogging, swimming, cycling, walking, gardening, and dancing, have been proved to reduce anxiety and depression. In simple terms, these types of exercise encourage blood flow to the brain, which then reduces stress as an outcome. 

Another good point to note is that our bodies have a "fight or flight" response to stress, so whenever you are in a stressful situation, your body can stockpile up this chemical that is released called "adrenaline." When we ride our bikes, we push out all that adrenaline, releasing those adverse effects of stress!

2. Cycling Can Heal You!

Cycling improves lymphatic circulation, which means this activity can help detoxify your body, reduce swelling and promotes healing. That is excellent news and is undoubtedly reassuring in these stressful times. Our bodies want to help us, so we have to give them all the resources they need. 

When we cycle, our bodies contract our muscles, and whenever our muscles do this, it encourages your blood to flow. This effect continues even after you are finished cycling. Good blood circulation helps with several bodily functions, and you will reap the rewards continuously.

3. Fat Loss 

I'm sure you are already aware that fat loss is an outcome of exercising, but maybe you aren't aware of the fact that the fat in our bodies is simply another way of saying we have a bunch of excess fuel stored up. When we use that fuel and exert ourselves, we are shedding that fat, thus encouraging fat loss. 

Not only can we lose weight due to cycling, but we can lower the amount of fat floating around in our blood vessels, which is called "triglyceride." When we have a high level of this, it can cause heart disease. Cycling can reduce these levels and thus prevent heart disease from happening.


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